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Pregnant? Thinking about Adoption?

Expectant Mother Experiences

For more than 30 years we've been helping women find warm, loving homes for their babies.  People after ask, what is the adoption experience like?  There's no one better to answer that question than the expectant mothers we've assisted through the years.

Below you'll find their stories in their own words.  If you're considering adoption, take a moment, listen to their experiences, and learn about the joys and challenges of the adoption journey.



Nancy is truly one of the most kind-hearted, genuine women I have ever met. When I met Nancy I was unsure about whether adoption was an appropriate choice for me. She worked with me at a pace that was comfortable for me and was open and honest with me, so I could make the best decision for myself, the father and most of all, my child.

I was completely unsure as to what I wanted to do when I first met Nancy. I was picky about the type of family I wanted for my child, and I personally wanted to meet couples before I even thought about making any decision. Within about a week of meeting her, she called to invite me to lunch with her and a prospective family.

When I met them it was as if I had known them forever and truly had an unexplainable connection with them. She found the absolute perfect couple for me to place my child with, which ultimately made me comfortable enough to go through with the entire experience. I became very comfortable and close with them, and still talk to them almost every day. They are now like family to me, and I know there is a mutual love, respect and care between all of us. They even flew to my hometown and spent a week with me before my baby was born, and were in the room with me for my delivery.

Nancy truly has a knack for finding a perfect birthmother/family match.


My pregnancy was very difficult for me, and before the adoptive parents and Nancy came into my life I felt very alone and lost through the entire thing. They really gave me direction, and support that I needed at that time. Nancy never judged me throughout my ups and downs, and was always on my team. I was given the freedom to take a lot of control of the process, and to create an experience that worked for my life and situation; while she guided me.

Placing your child for adoption is one of life's most trying, emotional, difficult experiences; but at the same time I feel so blessed to have been able to make a dream come true for the most deserving people I have ever met.


I am so thankful to Nancy for helping me create a positive situation and for connecting me to a family that will give my daughter all the love and care that I would have given her. Nancy truly cares for everyone she is involved with.

What a rare and special quality to have.


              Angela and adoptive mom Paula
                      with baby Amelia Marie

               Angela and husband Roy with
                           Bree and Lance

                      Bree, Lance and Riley
                        with Emelia and Eli


When I became pregnant, I wasn’t sure what to do.  My husband and I talked about options, and after many hours of difficult discussion, we came to terms with a simple truth: adoption was the best option for our child as well as for ourselves.

We contacted Nancy and pursued an adoption.  We are so blessed to have had such a positive experience.

We met Bree and Lance, a wonderful family whom we’ve grown to love and respect deeply.  In turn, they have blessed us with love, trust and understanding.



Today we have given two children for adoption.  Eli Benjamin was born in October 2007 and adopted by Bree and Lance, and Amelia Marie was born in December 15 and adopted by Dave and Paula.   Dave and Paula are great people, and we have enjoyed a very special relationship with them as well.

Looking back, things weren’t always easy and the road wasn’t always smooth.  But we never felt alone, thanks to Nancy and Sondra.  They guided me and my husband through one of the most difficult decisions we have ever had to make.  Without them, I’m not sure that we would have been able to get through this as we did. 

They are amazing professionals, and we were very blessed to have had them by our side.


We received a plaque as a gift from Dave and Paula, which we proudly hang on the wall in our living room for all to see.  It says, “Things Happen for a Reason.  Just Believe.”  My husband and I truly believe what it says.

                       Angela and Nancy in the delivery room

Dave and Paula, who adopted Angela's daughter Amelia, shared their adoption experience with us. 

To read their story, click here.


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