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Nancy Hurwitz Kors, Ph. D.
Pregnant? Thinking about Adoption?


If you're pregnant and considering adoption, we can help.

We'll find you a family who will give your baby all that you hope

and dream for her.

All the choices are yours: You can meet the family in person, talk

to them on the phone or remain anonymous.

Adoptive parents in California can help an expectant mother with

pregnancy-related living expenses, including food, housing, clothing

and medical bills.

The baby goes directly from the hospital to the adoptive parents.

Foster care is not necessary.

Some expectant mothers work out plans for continued contact with the baby. Others prefer no contact.  We'll help you create the kind of adoption

you're looking for.

If you would like to meet some of our adoptive families, click here.

Or if you'd just like to talk to us about your situation,
give us
a call
at 925-938-6600.

You can also reach us right now, through our website, by clicking here.



Nancy Hurwitz Kors, Ph.D.

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